B/E Aerospace, Inc. Manager Quality Assurance & Operational Excellence in Netherlands


We are currently looking for a Manager Quality Assurance and Operational Excellence for our Quality Assurance/ Opex department in Nieuwegein The Netherlands.

The Manager Quality Assurance and Operational Excellence is part of the leadership team in Nieuwegein and reports to the

VP & Managing Director of the Ovens Organization in Nieuwegein.

  • Purpose of the role*

Realizing the quality by initiating, implementing, maintaining and evaluating the quality system according to the European Aviation Regulations JAR 21 and JAR 145 in order to ensure the quality for the company.

Ensure and continuously improve the quality and performance of the processes within the organization. Promote the work according to the system used. Must adhere to the corporate guidelines in the field of Operational Excellence and the structure of Lean Six Sigma and keeps abreast of changes and applies them.

  • Primary responsibilities*

  • Advising the Managing Director regarding the quality policy to be pursued, take into account the national and international regulations and requirements in the field of aviation.

  • Drawing and maintaining a quality manual, the procedures and standards on basis of the adopted quality policy and the aviation regulations for the purpose of quality assurance.

  • Conducting quality audits to assess both internal and external, at suppliers to ensure an optimal management of the quality as well as keeping the Approved Suppliers List (ASL) up to date.

  • Authorizing employees to perform specific tasks.

  • Publicize the quality assurance policy by presentations and training in order to optimize quality awareness.

  • Functional support of the QC department at the practice and implementation of process oriented quality.

  • Applying for the necessary approvals and guiding the external testing institutions and ensure the timely renewal of approvals.

  • Maintaining external contacts with aviation authorities, manufacturers, customers and suppliers regarding all relevant matters with regard to aviation regulations and quality care.

  • Researching and analyzing structural quality issues and make proposals on solutions or directions. Reporting internal and external about quality and results in that field.

  • Ensuring an adequate document management system

  • Coordinate department activities in the internal and external environment and participating or initiating consultation with regard to quality issues.

  • Ensuring maintenance of knowledge and skills regarding to quality assurance and regulations.

  • Monitoring and assessing change processes within the organization that affect the quality system.

  • Advises the management about pursuing and determining the policy in the field of Operational Excellence.

  • Identifies situations and developments in work and/or processes which affect Operational Excellence and prepares proposals for improvement.

  • Requirements*

  • Bachelor degree in Engineering or business

  • Experience and knowledge of Quality Systems

  • Knowledge of Part-21, Part-145, AS-9100, ISO 9001

  • External auditor skills

  • Excellent communication skills in Dutch and English

  • Leadership skills

  • Experience in the Aerospace industry is a pro

QA/ Opex Manager